Cultivation of the Third Eye  provides a way to silence the chatter of your ordinary mind while making you more receptive to higher states of consciousness


What you will learn

  • A structured third eye, 20-minute meditation technique presented in clear steps to make it repeatable at home.
  • Techniques for energetic protection and grounding to avoid being drained by your daily tasks.
  • Systematic ways to sharpen your subtle senses for enhancement of intuition and non-physical vision
  • A technique for recuperation and relaxation for fast recovery and improved sleep
  • Heart opening to become more present and receptive in life

More about the Course:
In this weekend course, you will learn a technique that develops awareness of the third eye, an energetic organ of perception. From this space of the third eye we will explore easy and powerful ways to incorporate what you are learning into your daily life. Continuing with the practice will enhance your spiritual aspiration and connect you with a profound inner strength and joy. 

I liked learning hands-on tools for something that’s normally esoteric and mysterious. I’d already had a good grasp of how these energetic things were working in me, but this workshop made it so much more practical, applicable, and clear.
— Timm Romine, Filmmaker and Writer, Los Angeles