We're looking forward to seeing you at the Awakening the Third Eye Workshop! 

from 220.00

When: February 1 & 2, 9am - 6pm Saturday, 9am-1pm Sunday

Where: Private Retreat Location in Vista, CA

Cost: $220 register before end of 2019 | $265 Register before Jan 22, 2020 | $295 Full Price

(To pay by method other than credit card, please contact us at clairvisionsandiego@gmail.com)

Details: Cultivation of the Third Eye  provides a way to silence the chatter of your ordinary mind while making you more receptive to higher states of consciousness

What you will learn

  • A structured third eye, 20-minute meditation technique presented in clear steps to make it repeatable at home.

  • Techniques for energetic protection and grounding to avoid being drained by your daily tasks.

  • Systematic ways to sharpen your subtle senses for enhancement of intuition and non-physical vision

  • A technique for recuperation and relaxation for fast recovery and improved sleep

  • Heart opening to become more present and receptive in life

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